GHCE Botswana


GHCE BOTSWANA (Pty) Ltd is a Botswanan start-up company intended to represent GHCE interests in Botswana, and bring GHCE Project skills and experience to Botswana, as well as develop project management capabilities in Botswana.

GHCE BOTSWANA comprises engineering, procurement, construction and project management capability to successfully delivery of wide-range of programmes and projects including infrastructure, mining, power generation and process projects, and drive continuous improvement through exploiting state of the art technologies, and mentor of young talent.



GHCE BOTSWANA will be a leading African Project Management company.


GHCE BOTSWANA delivers its projects to plan, minimising risk for its clients, and sustaining project management capability, to provide the highest standard of professional services that exceed our customer expectations and prioritises safety, human resources development, quality and reliability.

Shareholding Structure

GHCE BOTSWANA has integrated South African and Local organisations, collectively having the required capabilities, having the following breakdown;

South African Shareholding
Local Shareholding

Project Experience

Through its individual partners, GHCE has experience across a wide-range of project environments, including;

  • Power Stations,
  • Mining (Mine, Mine Infrastructure & Mine Process),
  • Infrastructure (Including Housing, Roads, Utilities & Services, Dams),
  • Railways,
  • Process (Smelters, Furnaces, Pot Lines).


Our Directors

John Maddalena

Technical Director

John has recently joined G&H in 2016, having collaborated with them since 2007, through common professional interests in the Mining Project Sector.

John is a qualified mechanical engineer (Liverpool Polytechnic 1977) and has also worked with leading organisations in power generation, process and infrastructure project sectors, over the last 40 years. He has provided Risk Management expertise to leading private and public entities, and has worked in heavily–regulated environments (e.g. nuclear) where formal oversight and control are vital components.

John has worked in research environments (Cranfield UK) and developed risk-informed assurance (through his own company Barsure) which he brings to G&H, together with a variety of project controls methods, tools and techniques, that provide practical solutions to best practice principles, and add value to G&H capability for the future.

John is active in the international PM Community and maintains formal involvement with ISO, through his participation in SABS Technical Committees.

Paul Smalberger

Project Director

Paul is a qualified B.Sc Mechanical Engineering and Project Manager with over 14 years’ experience in Project Management and various Engineering disciplines. He commenced his working career at G&H as a junior engineer and further developed himself as a Project Engineer, Project Manager and Programme Manager within the company.

Paul was appointed as a Director of the company during 2007, being responsible for the company’s Projects department, actively involved in the day to day management of the Projects Portfolio and direct interaction with Clients.’

Shirley Arundale

Project Services Director

With over 20 years experience in the projects procurement and cost control functions, Shirley initially managed the Project Controls Department for G&H. She was subsequently appointed as the Project Controls Director for G&H during 2007.

Her knowledge and experience on all project control aspects such as procurement, cost control, planning and accounting has played a large role in the successful completion of numerous projects.



G&H strives to exceed the expectations of the project owner, and this requires deliberate alignment, tight integration, and exceptional performance throughout the project scope, by all resources. We consider alignment, integration and performance the key touchstones of successful projects, and treat them as key governance components.

The framework philosophy is a governance requirements, and is something we train our managers to understand and use to their advantage. The framework philosophy helps to reduce project risk, right from the initial set-up actions, and can provide enormous benefit to our clients.


G&H believes in Total Project Management. We manage all aspects of the project, from inception to close-out and handover. We apply our experience, knowledge, skills, project management tools and industry standards to deliver our Project Safely, On Time, within Budget and to the required Quality and Standards.

On an ongoing basis we successfully project manage small, medium and large projects in Greenfield and Brownfield environments. We have in-house knowledge to design and execute projects for processing and mining facilities from initial treatment of mined ore to the producing of a saleable product. Our knowledge base includes processing of precious and base metals, ores as well as diamond and coal processing operations.

Our project execution capability ranges from prefeasibility studies through to commissioning and project handover. Our structured approach and project management tools have enabled us to complete projects effectively and efficiently to meet and in most cases exceed the client’s Project requirements. This ensures that the client achieves production targets in the shortest time and in the most cost-effective means. We manage these projects through all the different project life cycle phases taking special note of the PMBOK process groups and how they align with our activities as an EPCM.

  • Initiation (Scoping Studies),
  • Planning (Feasibility Studies and Project Approval),
  • Execution (Engineering, Design, Drawings, Project
  • Services, Construction, Cold/Hot Commissioning),
  • Monitor & Control to Optimization,
  • Close Out (Project Hand-over).


Our strength as a company lies in our ability and willingness to adopt and seamlessly integrate industry Standard Project Methodologies, our Project systems and the client’s Project systems to successfully manage the execution of projects on our client’s behalf. Through our existing relationships and association with other Consulting and Contracting companies we also offer Environmental Impact Studies, HAZOP, HAZCON’S, CHAZOP’S, Risk Assessments, Contingency calculations (Hackney, Monte Carlo simulations), Mining Consulting, Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Consulting, Quality Services, Quantity Surveying Services and specialised functions as part of our overall project services.


G&H has developed and implemented engineering design systems that enable us to produce world class designs during our project execution phases to maximise plant construction and operational safety.

The designs are generated by the design engineers working in conjunction with the project engineers and further developed onto drawings by skilled drawing office personnel. The project execution and construction phases are simplified and streamlined, through the use of 2D and 3D computer packages and other specialist design and engineering modelling tools.

Our design and project engineers are involved with the procurement activities and monitor the fabrication, erection and commissioning of their designs. This ensures compliance with construction regulations and maximises efficiencies during construction. Our designs incorporate our client’s experiences and requirements for operating their plants. Our drawing office can produce process, mechanical, piping, platework, structural steelwork and civil drawings, including reinforcing steel details.

We specifically focus on inter-discipline alignment to ensure effective constructability, operability and future plant maintainability when developing the design details.

We employs discipline engineers that are multi-skilled in design and project delivery, covering a wide range of technologies and industries. The design and project engineering department has gained broad experience in infrastructure (Buildings, roads), mining, hydrometallurgical, DMS, pyrometallurgical and other mineral extraction processes.


Our in-house engineering services include:

  • Process Engineering,
  • Civil Engineering,
  • Structural Steel Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Piping Engineering,
  • Multi Discipline Drawing Office,
  • Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Engineering (Outsourced.)


G&H Project Services department supplies the Procurement, Contract Administration and Project Controls Services, incorporating the Planning, Estimating and Cost Engineering disciplines to our clients and projects.

We mobilise our Project Services Department as early as possible in the project life cycle, ideally at Feasibility Study Stage. Our team will develop the proposed project’s Procurement and Contracting Strategy, prepare the project specific Procurement Plan, Manpower Resource Plan and produce the Project Schedule to facilitate the preparation and management of the Project budget or Capital Cost Estimate.

Our Project Services provide the required project coordination and management of the cost and schedule milestone achievement information to provide unfragmented, coherent project progress measurement and actions, in order to ensure the desired project outcome.

Project Controls

The Project Scope is defined by the establishment of the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS), which form the basis of the generation of the Project Schedule and Capital Cost Estimate.

Planning and Scheduling

We have opted to utilise Microsoft Projects and Primavera as the standard planning software. Our planners will typically produce the following:

  • Schedule Management Plan
  • Schedule Baseline
  • Progress & Performance Measurement
  • Earned Value (if required)
  • Schedule Procedures

Cost Engineering

We have opted to use Prism as the cost control system, which adheres to the guidelines of most common financial management systems and is sufficiently versatile that reports and outputs can be generated according to the client’s needs. Our cost engineering functions include:

  • Time Cost Integration
  • Change Management
  • Budget Control and Forecast
  • Man Hour Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Project Accounting


The Procurement and Contract Administration department operates on a defined contracting strategy with procurement being performed with sound procurement practices. The primary goal of the procurement system is to provide materials and equipment delivered to site on time and in an auditable, safe and cost effective manner and in full compliance with project procedures and schedule.

Services include Procurement Operating Plan management/integration to the project schedule and tender assessments for contractor performance under a protocol of confidentiality. Execution is managed by means of client or internal systems and is setup for both local/international services and products. Our process includes for the incorporation of Procure to Pay initiatives.

G&H’s Procurement and Contract Administration department has in depth know ledge and experience of:

  • Supplier development, qualification and selection

(Vendor List)

  • FIDIC, NEC 2 and 3 suite of conditions.
  • Application of client’s generic conditions
  • Contract tender documents, adjudication, compilation of contracts, management thereof including expediting, quality assurance, logistics, financial to final account and closeout
  • Site and Head Office Based contract administration
  • Management and interface with client appointed QS on site measured contracts


Procurement and Contract Administration is offered as an independent function or as part of an integrated Project Management Team.


In addition to project controls and procurement, G&H provides a range of other services, which enable improved alignment to client organisations. These include;

  • Project Finance Management
  • Document Management
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Safety & Health Management
  • Environment Management
  • Quality Management

These functions constitute business functions that inevitably get involved with, and applied to, projects and hence, we provide informed and experienced resources that understand the nature of the application, and can coordinate and manage the interfaces to the client organisation. Through a project services manager, we ensure alignment and integration opf these functions with project controls.


The performance management framework ensures that performance measurement is standardised, consistent, and routinely applied in all our projects.

Some of the performance criteria are used to manage contractors, and even consultants, as their performance can affect overall project performance significantly. The presence of such criteria influences the contract framework we build, which is part of our procurement operating plan (POP) philosophy. This in turn is aligned with our project execution plan (PEP) philosophy, which guides how we interpret the project purpose, and develop our work strategy. By integrating the PEP and POP on every project, we ensure the basic project baseline represents an achievable objective, against which we apply business, technical, and regulatory requirements that modify the basic work strategy. As a basic performance mechanism we measure progress against the project baseline, and manage the variance in order to “stay on plan”.

In order to ensure the project is capable of this, we routinely manage maturity, at project and functional level. This is particularly helpful during set-up, to ensure the project environment is established in an optimised way.

Functional Maturity is measured, and influences skills development of individuals, and systems, in order to establish and sustain operational performance through the project lifecycle.

This routine treatment of oversight, and self-assessment, enables us to manage project performance, and also provides the opportunity to offer this philosophy through separate services.

Framework Development can be used as a process methodology, to guide business development, and business process engineering. Functional oversite can be collectively applied to a project, in the form of Owners Team strategy, and G&H offers both of these services to our clients in order to assist them to achieve excellence in their context.

Rather than use these performance methods only to check variance to a target condition, we also use them to inform planning, and thereby incorporate performance measurement and management directly into the basic functional processes.