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“This company is part of a Group of Companies that create environments where our Greatest Assets, People, are called, equipped and inspired to be their Best, to join hands and collectively drive our Purpose, Aim for Excellence, Service our Clients and give back to our Families and Communities.

Thus: The Positive Impact with a lasting impression of Excellence.”

G&H Group – Vision

“To provide first in class ingenious professional technical solutions, products, project support, and consulting services to Clients & Stakeholders, exceeding their risk-informed performance of operations and projects, in South Africa and selected International Markets” while:

  • Meeting or exceeding industry benchmarks for project management performance excellence
  • Providing reliable and high levels of operational readiness and consulting integrity
  • Beating other project service providers on project performance, project controls maturity, and project cost effectiveness through application of a standardised project management framework to best practice principles
  • Optimising the value of G&H Group Operations assets

G&H Group – Stakeholders

G&H Group performance is responsive to the needs and priorities of all its stakeholders’ expectations including:

  • Clients; excellent safe, cost-effective operation and risk-informed project management delivery in all projects, with superior return on investment through project realisation and consulting services
  • Staff; project delivery with minimum variance to approved plan, and strong fiscal budget discipline; our staff is G&H Group heart, and we manage our internal environment to encourage competence, and reward drive and capability; we want our work experience to be enjoyable and rewarding for all our staff; we encourage open communication, and expect integrated collaboration, effective and informed reporting
  • Suppliers, Contractors & Service Providers; consistent leadership and well defined requirements; we manage our relationships to ensure delivery performance for our clients, and mutual benefit for our supply chain colleagues
  • Business Owners & Associates; we develop relationships between business owners based on mutual benefit focussed on win-win strategy, and continue this to promote overall collaboration, between the people who have a stake in sound performance; we promote loyalty between partners
  • Government; safe, compliant and trustworthy operation aligned within the statutory frameworks which we operate; reliable and safe operation, Environmental stewardship and good corporate citizenship
  • The Public & Communities; inclusive communication, minimum disruption, and clean up behind; we want to inform communities of the plans that affect them, and incorporate their input into those plans to minimise risk of conflict

G&H Group – Values

G&H Group shares and demonstrates its values through:

  • Safety First; proactive safety practices operating routinely to plan for all mining projects to achieve zero harm
  • Deliver on our Promise; we do what we say in terms of mining project delivery and project management performance, and confirm it through assurance
  • Value and Care about each other; we actively build G&H Group careers to manage capacity and competence through mentor and training
  • Act with Honesty & Integrity; we listen to each other, speak openly, strive to understand differences, and never be obstructive with each other
  • One Team; consider each other’s objectives as our own
  • Promote Trust; do what we say; but we ensure what we say is aligned with our co-workers, colleagues, and clients
  • Passion and Pride; we want zero harm doing the right thing, first time, on time, on cost, to quality and achieve recognition for that

G&H Group – Strategic Focus Areas

G&H Group plans and performance objectives are based on strategic focus areas, each of which is required for quality management success in all Operations initiatives and functions.

  • Engineering, Construction and Project Performance; the result of all our efforts is our operational performance expressed through our technical consulting and project delivery; by focussing on the excellence of these outcomes, we ensure all other functions are successfully supporting in the most effective, and efficient manner
  • Manage the Money; if our output meets our clients, and our own, performance objectives, then we can drive efficient debtor payment in line with our fiscal requirements; we recognise our duty to our creditors, and staff, and maintain cash-flow targets which do not penalise, or constrain; correct and effective use of our money is geared to empower our output capability, which through high-level performance, will support target revenues